If you teach formal handwriting lessons then you can save time by creating them beforehand

The Foundation Font is the closest to New Zealand Handwriting


Download it to your computer. http://sites.google.com/site/foundationfont/

Interactive Whiteboard: Use your notebook software and write up all of your handwriting lessons. Leave a space for the date.

2010-07-14_1250.png 2010-07-14_1251.png

Create Practice pages for individual students to try using the notebook pens


In one classroom recently I saw a child practising his handwriting using an ActivBoard. The teacher had made animations for each letter so that the child could see the formation of the letters.

Here is a Smart Notebook file using the Foundation font Foundation Handwriting example.notebook

Here is an example of a mimio ink file, the second page shows a movie of forming letters Handwriting.ink

Here is another mimio ink file using the Foundation Font. Handwriting.ink

The Foundation font is a perfect font for our New Zealand Schools. Download it and use it to make Handwriting activities for your children.

external image tracing.JPG

One of the fonts is made of dots.

Make tracing activities for the children of the letters they need to practice.

external image elephant.JPG

One of my junior teachers that I work with finds Black and white images on Google Images and copies them onto her notebook software page.

Children use these as tracing activities, great for students who need to practise fine motor control.

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